Finding a healthy writer’s mindset is key. The reason I write is to identify with others. I feel rewarded when I reach my audience through words that connect with them, reminding them that they are not alone, that there is at least one person, who feels and experiences what they do.

Our mindsets can often hold us back in life. The biggest insecurities are self-doubt, anxiety and imposter syndrome (doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud). Penmanship can often be stimulated by a life-changing event or light-bulb moment.

Take a moment and return to the why of your writing. Why are you writing? Does it bring you joy? Replenish your tough-minded resolve, by shaking off discouragements, and dwell on creativity, community and honesty.

Ernest Hemingway said, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” We will always be growing and changing as writers. With a beginner’s mindset—seeing ourselves as an apprentice—we will continue to learn. We are all apprentices and are capable of becoming better writers.

The beginner’s mindset

This mindset can haunt an insecure writer who feels trapped in mediocrity, unable to evolve and improve. Believing he wasn’t born with that gift of writing and will never be good enough to submit his work. It would be tragic if he settled into the space he feels he’s allowed to occupy and gives up.

The experienced writer’s fixed mindset

This fixed mindset—can plague the more experienced writer who’s found some degree of success. If he settles into a comfort zone, turning out material at about the same level of quality, readers will eventually lose enthusiasm.

Emotions are fed by resistance but as authors we have the option to think and see the need to grow beyond this.

Embrace the Growth Mindset

Writing skills can be learned. None of us need to feel stuck, yet many of us cling to the fixed mindset. “Oh, that’s not for me. I’m not a great writer. I can’t do that.”

The only writer you should compare yourself with is the writer you were yesterday. With every word written your quality of writing improves.


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