Science fiction for adult and young adult

Sixth mass extinction,

civilization collapse 

superior human species, 

terrestrials in danger of survival,

tree of life,


Climatic disaster

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote Măjitópiă, this science-fiction youth novel, because I am fearful for the state of the world, terrified of the climatic damage we have caused the earth. I often wonder if there is any way for mankind to escape extinction. And if so, what is the solution? 


The planetary clock had been reset. Biological annihilation was evident for decades. The world was well into the sixth mass extinction and terrestrials were in danger of survival. Volcanoes erupted. Wildfires devastated forests and towns. Earthquakes toppled cities. Tsunamis drowned the land and its people. Human life was at risk of extinction. Earth was on a crash course to destruction.

With population collapse, Professor Harris had been secretly working to create a perfect being – a creature that could survive in the worst of climatic disasters – a superior human species, a mortal that could live in the sea and on land. The tree of life was dying. Humanity was suffering. For years scientists battled with corporations to stop the madness. Climate change was at an all time high yet consumerism was rising with it, causing an explosion of disasters for humanity. If Professor Harris measured it correctly, when the world was doomed, this superior human species might possibly escape extinction. But no one had the technology and cross breeding was prohibited if everyone was sticking to that rule.  

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