Fantasy for young readers

magical forest

 pixies and elves,


magical powers, wizard

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Why I wrote ‘Elfinville: details coming soon

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 WHY I WROTE ‘ELFINVILLE’: details coming soon


The forest was magical, enchanting and illusionary

On the nights of the full moon, nine-year old Jacob Tanner, stole away from his house when his parents were asleep. He scrambled across the wide lawn into the forest and tripped down the long, winding, narrow trail that led to an enormous moss and lichen covered outcrop. He took with him a magnifying glass, a set of night vision goggles and his book on the stars. The forest was magical, enchanting and illusionary. It was a place of secrets that were far beyond even the wildest of Jacob’s imaginations. 

His main goal was to find the wizard to make a magic potion to help his sick mother. If he could do that all this exploring would be so worth it. 

On more than one occasion he was tempted to share his secret with his best friend, Dexter. And what a secret it was!

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