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AUTHOR’S NOTE: why I wrote ‘Appointment With Death’- In Canada, in 2023, the wrongly convicted registry identified 83 wrongful convictions. Those who were accused and convicted are now exonerated. The statistics on domestic violence: a woman is killed by her male partner, on average, once a week. This data is often used in criminal cases – convicting innocent people. 

Appointment With Death – by L.M. Wasylciw 

Rob’s life had been turned upside down. His pregnant wife, Janey had been brutally murdered and he was charged with the crime. Rob found himself facing a lifetime in prison. Kara couldn’t believe it. Janey, her friend, dead! And a jury found her ex-boyfriend, Rob, guilty! It was inconceivable. Kara knew Rob was not capable of such a heinous, brutal act. Determined to prove his innocence, Kara did the right thing and supported her friend. She threw herself into the fight for justice, even though it meant laying her heart on the line. Try as she might, it was impossible to extinguish her teenage flame. All too soon she was ready to dive into a relationship with Rob, even though he was behind bars.

When Kara delved deeper into the transcripts, she knew he had been railroaded. The police had a case to close and husbands were all too often the number one suspect. From the first day, statistics put a target on his back. With the clock ticking and Rob’s life on the line, Kara was racing against time before it was too late.

As Kara fought to clear Rob’s name, her friends whispered behind her back, accusing her of having hybristophilia – a fascination with criminals. But Kara didn’t care. She knew that her feelings for Rob were real. They were meant to be together. She refused to believe that her love for him was a weird fascination for ‘the bad’, as her friends claimed. It was love, pure and simple that grew from childhood swings. Kara was determined to do whatever it took to get Rob out of prison. The police could then search for Janey’s real killer.

If you enjoyed books like “Gone Girl” and “The Girl on the Train,” then you won’t be able to put down this gripping psychological thriller.

This book explores two things:

  • the justice system and how many people are wrongly convicted.
  • the psychological factors that compel a person to become infatuated by and devoted to what society considers a monster; be it for fame, love, importance, child-hood flame, or convict obsession. Women with hybristophilia will do almost anything to get close to the prisoner they are attracted to.

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