Science fiction

Supernatural mystery,

wrinkle in time,

fortune teller, ufologists, quantum physicist,

supernatural shift in time,

disappearance and reappearance

Multiple dimensions


AUTHOR’S NOTE: why I wrote ‘Time Shifted’- details coming soon

Quinn’s parents thought she was dead. Quinn celebrated her sixteenth birthday party at the lake. The police re-examined the missing person’s report, from 2017 and compared it to Quinn’s return four years later. Sometime between leaving the party and arriving home, a supernatural shift in time had occurred. Everyone was as mystified with her reappearance as they had been with her disappearance. The general public – from fortune teller, and ufologists, to quantum physicist – had their own twist on what might have happened. Quinn was pressured by her pastor to believe it was a was a divine occurrence – a resurrection. Was it possible to explain the wrinkle in time?

Quinn began her own investigation. At every turn, she and was met with a labyrinth of possibilities – all too far fetched to believe. 

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