For young readers


witchcraft, tarot cards,

chants and magic. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Why I wrote ‘The Witch’s Brew: details coming soon

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The witches of Grizzly Falls

Life around Sophie was never boring; she did chants and read Tarot Cards. Sophie could not learn enough about the visionary and metaphysical. Then, to Amy’s and Julie’s surprise, during a séance Sophie had seemingly called up her dead Grandmother. When Sophie received a book from her sister, Anna, on Witches’ Spells, it inspired her to delve deeper into the supernatural. When the girls heard that Margie, the crazy lady from down the street, was involved in Witchcraft, Sophie was eager to find out if there was any truth in what people were saying.

If Margie really was a witch, then she would certainly be going out on the night of the full moon

They laid a plan.
They would follow her.
What could be the harm?

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