Linda has a never-ending list of ideas for her books, often struggling to know which to start first, which has her often writing two or three at the same time.




I Can’t Remember – by Professor Scry

Five-year old Amy Robinson lay, cold and damp, under the wide boughs of an evergreen tree. It was dark and rainy and she was all alone. Blood oozed from the wound on her head.

Clutched in her hand was her mud-spattered rag doll. Curled up next to the little girl was a wild animal, a wolf. Amy could not remember her name or any details of her past.

Amy petted the wolf, thinking it was a dog. Dazed, she looked down the road the muddy mountain-road. When the wolf led her into the woods she followed.


Măjitópiă – by L.M. Wasylciw 

Professor Harris had, for decades, been secretly working to create a perfect being – a creature that could survive in even the worst of climatic disasters. If he had measured it correctly such a mortal would be able to live in the sea as well as on land and when the world was doomed might escape possible extinction. Now, as unbelievable as it seemed, it appeared as though someone else had out-foxed him at his own game. Someone had developed one of those super beings. Harris daringly suggested that some alien civilization had created the perfect creature and he was laughed at. However, when no one stood up and took credit for the discovery the Professor was even more perplexed, and his suspicions rose even higher.

But, far more than learning who the creator was, Harris wanted to get his hands on one of those creatures. If he had the opportunity to inspect such a being…well…he would be that much closer to creating one of his own.

Love Nevermore by L.M. Wasylciw

A woman’s story of loss, betrayal, abuse and mental illness.

Consumed with sorrow, Alexis vowed to never love again. When she was most vulnerable, Steve swept into her life, rescuing her like a knight in shining armour. The walls that protected her heart crumbled and fell. After all that grief it felt so good to be alive – to be loved.

All too late, Alexis discovered what Steve was all about. Heavy curtains hid the horrors that went on behind closed doors. Too afraid to leave, Alexis knew she was bound to him until parted by death.


Angélique – Montreal is Burning  – by L.M. Wasylciw

During the night of April 10, 1734, Marie-Joseph Angélique, a twenty-nine-year-old slave, was arrested, faced charges of arson, and found guilty of starting the blaze that consumed forty-six buildings, in Montréal. Angélique’s condemners suspected she had not acted alone.

Under extreme torture she confessed to starting the fire but named no accomplices. Angélique was paraded through the city then hanged. Her corpse was burned. as a final disgrace, her ashes were thrown to the winds.

Angélique was born in Portugal. As a young girl, she faded into the shadows of history. As a young woman she has been remembered as the alleged arsonist behind a catastrophic fire.

Time Shift – by L.M. Wasylciw

Quinn returned from her sixteenth birthday party to discover that four years had lapsed. Time had shifted from the time she left her sixteenth birthday party, until the time she got home. The police were just as mystified with her return as they were with her disappearance.

It was even more shocking when four more teenagers came forward with much the same story. Quinn was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. At every turn, she was consumed by a labyrinth of possibilities – some too far fetched to believe.


Appointment With Death – by L.M. Wasylciw 

When Kara learned that her high school boyfriend, Rob, had been convicted of murdering his wife, she ran to his aid. Kara felt the evidence was circumstantial and there had been a huge miscarriage of justice. Terrified Rob would die in jail, Kara knew he had to file for an appeal. Justice had to prevail. He was innocent and wrongly convicted.

During the weeks and months, her love for Rob was rekindled. She felt like that young teenager again and was ready to jump into a relationship, albeit with him behind bars. She would go to any lengths to prove his innocence.


LOW HANGING FRUIT – by L.M. Wasylciw 




TED and MAX – by L.M. Wasylciw 

The Criminal, the Cleaner, the Whore and the Thief – by L.M. Wasylciw