Linda never wastes a moment of her time – knowing full well that time can never be retrieved. She writes almost every day, often juggling two or three stories at one time. Linda believes that by switching gears, or flipping back and forth between books, keeps the momentum and opens the mind to creativity.


I Can’t Remember – by: Professor Scry

Five-year old Amy Robinson lay, cold and damp, under the wide boughs of an evergreen tree. It was dark and rainy and she was all alone. Blood oozed from the wound on her head.

Clutched in her one hand was her mud-splattered rag doll. Next to the little girl a wild animal, a wolf, was curled against her.

Amy woke and had no idea where she was. She could not remember her name or any details of her past. Amy petted the wolf, thinking it was a dog. She looked to her left then to her right. In both directions, the muddy mountain-road disappeared around the bends. When the wolf led her into the woods she followed.

Ethan’s Magic Puzzle – a Christmas Story – by: Professor Scry

Ethan was feeling very sad when he sat on Santa’s knee. He had been thinking very hard, searching for the perfect gift to ask  Santa to bring him. Hoping Santa could find the perfect gift, Ethan said, “This Christmas I just want something magical, something so special and incredible, a gift that is not too expensive gift and gives me happiness.”

Santa was worried that he would never find such a gift. Most children knew exactly what they wanted and all Santa had to do was get his elves working overtime to make it all happen. Now, for the first time ever, Santa was asked to find the perfect gift. One that would meet all of the boy’s expectations.

Măjitópiă – by Professor Scry

Professor Harris had, for decades, been secretly working to create a perfect being – a creature that could survive in even the worst of climatic disasters. If he had measured it correctly such a mortal would be able to live in the sea as well as on land and when the world was doomed might escape possible extinction. Now, as unbelievable as it seemed, it appeared as though someone else had out-foxed him at his own game. Someone had developed one of those super beings. Harris daringly suggested that some alien civilization had created the perfect creature and he was laughed at. However, when no one stood up and took credit for the discovery the Professor was even more perplexed, and his suspicions rose even higher.

But, far more than learning who the creator was, Harris wanted to get his hands on one of those creatures. If he had the opportunity to inspect such a being…well…he would be that much closer to creating one of his own.

Please Teacher  by: L.M. Wasylciw

Unconditional love is when two souls have a single thought,

when two hearts beat as one.

They dance to the same tune

and sing the same song.

Victoria was a young and pretty, naïve and single, school teacher. The boys in her class teased and jostled for her approval.  Very soon the male students became rivals, vying for her attention.  Victoria soon learned that it was every boy’s fantasy to win an attractive, female-teacher’s heart and, better yet, to entice her into a sexual tryst. Victoria only wanted to be good at her job and respected as a school teacher.  In her innocence she had no idea how a touch or a glance could quite easily be misinterpreted.

Love Nevermoreby: L.M. Wasylciw

A woman’s emotional story of betrayal and loss:

Consumed with sorrow, Alexis vowed never to love again. Then, when she was most vulnerable, Steve swept into her life rescuing her like a knight in shining armour. He wrapped his arms around her and the walls that protected her heart crumbled and fell. He made he feel good to be alive and to be loved. Heavy curtains hid the horrors that went on behind closed doors. Too afraid to leave, she knew that she was bound to him until parted by death.


 12 1/2 Angels – by: Professor Scry

Mario Flagstaff was dead. No one, not even his best friend, Harold, could have ever predicted that the multi-billionaire would meet his maker by choking on a gouda-stuffed olive. Non-believers snickered, thinking it to be a hoax – Mario pulling one of his funnies – though his jokes were never a laugh. No one believed that Mario, a man so full of life and his own big ego, would ever die.

After his death he made the long climb up the staircase to heaven, taking his time, certain that the pearly gates would be swinging wildly, welcoming him into heaven. But, shockingly, the gates were locked up tighter than a drum and Mario saw no way of getting through to the other side. Somewhat befuddled, he looked around and realized that he was not the only soul on the wrong side of the gate. Mario and the many others were awaiting Judgement Day. Finally, Mario sat before Archangel Jeremiel and was given a series of tasks to perform. Mario snickered and thought, ‘How difficult could it be? And if the job should become too bothersome I’ll simply hire it out – employ someone to take care of it.’ Mario came from dirt poor and had amassed immense wealth. He liked to be in charge and knew how to delegate but little did he know that all the money in the world would not get him into heaven.

Angélique – Montreal is Burning  – by L.M. Wasylciw

During the night of April 10, 1734, Marie-Joseph Angélique, a twenty-nine-year-old slave, was arrested, tried, and found guilty of starting the blaze that consumed forty-six buildings, in Montréal. Angélique’s condemners suspected she had not acted alone and tortured her. She confessed but named no accomplices. Angélique was paraded through the city then hanged. Her corpse was burned. Angélique, born in Portugal, faded into the shadows of Canadian history and has been remembered as the alleged arsonist behind a catastrophic fire.