Speculative fiction is one of the most creative genres in literature, encompassing many narrative — from sci-fi and fantasy to superhero stories and fairy tale.

If you are they type of person finds yourself daydreaming

about time travel,

an impending zombie apocalypse,

or what the year 3432 might look like,

then you’re probably a fan of speculative fiction.

It is a world of What ifs? What if you could live forever but were cursed to be forgotten by everyone you met, A good speculative fiction work positions a vision of countless possibilities – built on the foundation of realism. It involves creating a link between the present and future, inviting the reader to consider the future. Speculative fiction, more than any other genre, allows for the possibility of new horizons, new worlds. The reader only has to absorb the impossible.

With speculative fiction, what was once viewed as impossible becomes very possible!