For young readers

Haunted house mystery,

ghosts and

the paranormal

secret rooms, 

doors banged and shadows moved,

key to the tower


Oct 31, 2016 Mrs mm Shipay Rated it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5 stars. It was amazing

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Why I wrote ‘Lydia – details coming soon

Audio sample for ‘Lydia’


The ghost of Collingwood House

Emily Walker hated that they were moving to Collingwood House and became even more distressed when she read the details on the real estate listing – Haunted House.  That meant there must be ghosts in the house! They moved anyway, four thousand kilometers away from her best friend and to the seaside. The old house creaked and groaned, things went missing, doors banged, shadows moved from room to room and dead animals were found in unusual places. Emily had never seen a ghost and did not believe in the paranormal. Curiously, after weeks of searching, Emily’s mom and dad could find the one key that led to the tower, the only place in Collingwood House to which they had no access. It remained a mystery.

Emily did not need a key to the secret room. The door was often open when she got home from school. She would have to be very brave to peek inside.

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