Contemporary fiction defined:

Realistic fiction with imaginary characters and situations that depict our world and society. It focuses on themes of growing up and confronting personal and social problems.

Contemporary literature, also deemed literary fiction and or realistic fiction, is written with a broader audience in mind and must be written in a compelling and relatable way.

Since my youth has long passed and I am no longer of middle age, I feel that I can write about any period from the 1950s to today; creating modern fiction. When I began writing, I had no idea that this was the path I would take. After finishing my first novel about the unsettled state of the world, I began my second, which focuses on the dynamics of dysfunctional families. I now find that I have created a myriad of books that contain controversial social issues.

Shaping your novel:

  • select a social issue
  • research for factual accuracy
  • create believable characters and protagonists
  • blend the personal with the political
  • if possible weave your own experiences into your fiction
  • create a world that will enhance readers’ empathy

Contemporary Fiction is set in modern times –

is alive right now,

living in an effervescence of originality.

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