I am a pluviophile, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. I love and adore the rain, the feel of it in my hair, on my skin and the smell of the raindrops as it falls, washing the world clean.

If you are an adult running around like a four year old in the rain, you probably do not care what others think. People who love the rain are actually proud of it. They are loving life, while the non-lovers of rain are inside being miserable. It is they who are missing out. Even if a pluviophile’s hair gets wet and their makeup runs, they don’t care. They surprisingly still look good – glowing in the joys of life.

Introverts, generally speaking, like the sense of isolation that rain offers. While other sensory types might like it because there is so much sensory information there to explore. Rain’s white noise also essentially blots out distractions.

Signs that you are a pluviophile:

  1. you rejoice when rain falls
  2. find comfort being in the rain
  3. enjoy being outside
  4. love the scent of rain
  5. love the darkened sky
  6. love watching the raindrops falling
  7. like the rain on your face
  8. the sound of rain is music to your ears

True pluviophiles sing in the rain.

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