19th Century Canada

Remittance man


Body snatcher

Exhume freshly dead bodies

When Simon Davenport publicly humiliated his family he was dispatched from England to Canada, in 1823, never to be welcome in England again. Given a meager monthly allowance he was forced to make his own way in a new land. The pittance provided by his family allowed him to keep a roof over his head and food on the table, but not the social status he was accustomed to.

Luck was on his side when he struck upon a business opportunity and discovered that the resurrection of human remains was the means to his end. All he needed was a spade, a wagon, a great deal of ambition, and the wherewithal to evade the law.

In the early 19th century surgeons around the world were desperate to study anatomy. The problem was getting their hands on a varied and sufficient supply of corpses. It became a very lucrative business to become a grave robber or resurrectionist if a person wasn’t opposed to getting his hands a little dirty. 

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