Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, claimed that the elephant surpassed all other animals in wisdom. In the practice of feng shui, the elephant is a symbol of luck, power and fertility. This ancient folklore is connected to Indian religion and mythology. These remarkable animals are capable of showing great compassion and expressing grief.

One cannot forget the White Elephant: a possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost, particularly that of maintenance, is out of proportion to its usefulness. And the Elephant in the room is a metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem or risk that no one wants to discuss, or a condition of group-think that no one wants to challenge. Humans have a way of taking the elephant and giving the animal new meanings. Maybe because it is large and intelligent!

Elephant superstitions:

  • Seeing an elephant is good luck.
  • Elephants connect the heaven and the earth.
  • The white elephant is considered the most sacred.
  • An elephant with its trunk raised and facing a door will bring good luck.
  • Also brings happiness and prosperity.
  • Elephant hair bracelet, necklace, etc brings love, happiness, good health, prosperity.
  • Elephant’s trunk curling up is good luck and down is bad.
  • A raised elephant trunk stores good luck and if dropped down passes good luck to others.
  • Receiving an elephant gift from others will bring you good luck.

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