Beyond the treachery and treason there is the excitement of the chase, the thrill of a grisly event. There is also the sense of peering through a window into the hidden recesses of a criminal mind. When justice is served, with the wrongdoer punished, the morals are absolute. Then you can close the book and think that all is right with our world.

Murder mysteries have intrigued people from around the world for generations. So much so that hosting Murder Mystery dinner parties and playing with murder has become very trendy.

A good mystery story appeals to one’s sense of curiosity. And there is no doubt that the reader loves to match wits with the sleuth and the criminal. Perhaps the most satisfying experience a reader can have is to figure out “whodunit” before the end of the book.

Every reader is a detective:

  • Who is not compelled to unravel puzzles, cerebral or otherwise?
  • And the ‘who did what – to whom – and why?’ draws us.
  • The very act of murder — the gravest of crimes — is most fascinating; perhaps because we fear it, fear the sudden outbreak of violence and fear minds we can not comprehend and can not control.

Perkin’s Ghost – a novel

On opening night of the stage play, Perkins’ Ghost, at the Astor Theatre, a shocking murder had occurred, leaving many residents of the sleepy hollow to suspect that the murderer might have been that of the ghost of Simeon Perkins. With virtually no clues to follow, apart from the unexplained sightings of a Perkins look-alike, clairvoyants, fortune cookies, intuitions and a seemingly odd connection between the murder or murderer and the Kings Orange Rangers. Sergeant Hill wondered if the murderer would ever be found.

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