No matter how brilliantly written, how contemporary, how weighty in literary subject matter, unless your story outline grips it will be hard to find a publisher. The plot has to be consistent, clear and authentic. The protagonists and antagonists must feed off each other – building the momentum.  Every scene and chapter must keep the reader off-balance. Things may get better or worse for the protagonist but they need to be constantly changing – change is what propels a story forward. And a great story does not just contain satisfying answers for the who, what, where, when and why questions: It also shows development in each of these areas

Know the 3 key factors:

  • Developing realistic relationships takes time and a deft touch.
  • Character is everything, when structuring your plot.
  • Your protagonists must have a clear central motivation to drive the action.

Use subplots that echo and reinforce the message of the main storyline. In the hands of a savvy writer, subtle sounds and silences can speak loudest. Discover the delicate techniques to draw your readers in, one murmur at a time. Hint at hopeful possibilities and introduce heartbreak along the way.

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