So many women are abused. There are so many stories.

Some people are offended by blunt conversation about violence, especially sexualized violence but women face harassment regularly and how can people go on ignoring the situation, including the male ‘friend’ who witnesses the violence, and does nothing, it makes him a part of the problem. By ignoring it he is fueling the fire, condoning the act making that witness an accomplice.

Bravery is about doing the right thing, a kind-of serving justice on the spot. Do the manly thing – help in some way, in whatever capacity you can, depending on the situation and the circumstance. Ending sexual violence, not contributing to it, is everyone’s responsibility – men included.


  1. he might not have masturbated in front of her,
  2. sent her an unsolicited dick-pic by text,
  3. sexually assaulted her,
  4. but if he made her feel uncomfortable by rubbing his male parts against her then she was abused and assaulted.
  5. maybe she was drugged then raped or threatened to put-out or else….totally defenseless.

Sexual assault is a severe, punishable act that should not be taken lightly.


When a woman reports her assault, I can imagine her mind would be going crazy. What if the officers did not believe her story or if they would not take it seriously. After telling the officers what had occurred, she had to give an official statement.

They want you to tell where you were standing when this happened and where was he standing and where was his dresser at and where was his TV at and where was his bed. Still to this day, I can tell you exactly how his bedroom was lined up.


Matthew Blackwell smiled as he slipped the packet of ‘Special K’ from his pocket. Ketamine, administered in proper doses, was commonly used for pain control. It was also an anesthetic drug. It had taken a lot of smooth talk for Matthew to persuade his best friend, Ryan, to get the drug for him; convincing Ryan that ketamine was harmless. They both knew that it was a lie. Large doses of any drug could be deadly.

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Matthew dropped two ice cubes into each glass, added a generous splash of gin and topped it off with tonic water. He felt rather pleased with himself as he thought about how the evening might unfold. After emptying the contents of the ketamine packet into Haley’s glass he picked up a swizzle stick and gave the drink a stir, leaving the stick in her glass. He knew that he had mixed in enough such that the drug would render her totally unconscious.

And that was exactly what he wanted, to make love to her without actually having a corpse in his arms. To Matthew it was irrelevant as to whether or not Haley was willing to go along with his plan. Nor did he think about the criminal charges that could result as a consequence of what he was about to do. In his mind it was his well-deserved send-off-party before he went up to the university.