Sabbatical: a term dating back to Mosaic law, when farmers left land fallow for one year after six consecutive harvests.

People who work for themselves often feel like they are on a never-ending treadmill. Taking time off, full-stop, for just a 2 week family holiday, can be immensely challenging. Think about taking an extended leave of absence, with a sabbatical.

For the past twelve years I have kept a rigorous schedule producing travel documentaries and writing. This summer I began a six month sabbatical from writing. On my desk-top are four ‘first drafts’ awaiting my attention and one youth novel ready for publication.

If you’re looking to boost morale, retention, productivity, and engagement, a sabbatical could be the answer.

I stopped to smell the roses and enjoyed the tranquil meandering that goes hand and hand with an extended break. This time has given me a chance to reflect and I considered this: When you don’t show up, no one notices you’re gone. That statement has a lot of merit because no one has asked where my blog posts have been this past summer or if I have anything on the go or ready for publication. And undoubtedly it is because we live in a time where everyone is producing more content than anyone can read. Therefore, when I’m not writing, there is plenty elsewhere to absorb my readers’ attention.

This break from the daily grind can give you the opportunity to explore new directions in your life, personal or professional.

Some common reasons people take a sabbatical include:

  • explore other cultures
  • write a book
  • volunteer
  • perform research (often for a book or paper)
  • get some needed rest


Q: Has my sabbatical affected my website traffic?


Q: Have I lost readers to my blog?


Q: Has it reduced my book sales?


Q: Do you (my readers) view me differently?


Q: Do I feel better having stepped back and taken stock?

A: YES, POSITIVELY…YES and I would do it again 👀…sometime 🤗…in the distant future🙇.

I miss writing every day because writing is my defining passion.

And I am back!

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” 

John Lubbock