Publishing companies do less and less marketing and many are not accepting manuscripts, leaving more and more authors to head out on their own. Writing and publishing are different things and it can be daunting to do both. The number one concern is producing a quality manuscript.

As a self publisher you take on more of the load and will quickly discover that good editors are expensive but worth every penny. It can be a big mistake to edit your own work. You are too close to it and will overlook the obvious. Take advantage of other author’s experiences and ride on the benefits of what they have learned. The mechanics of self-publishing are not as difficult as they are intimidating.

And there are pros and cons in both cases. Self-publishing is not the easiest way to make a living, but it is a better option for those who want to get their story out there without having to wait, and wait, by taking the traditional route.


  • Control on content, pricing, book design, publishing channels
  • Freedom to write in a mixed genre
  • Bigger percentage of income retention
  • No cost on actual publishing
  • With Amazon print-on-demand there is no need for a large inventory
  • Publication is immediate – it can take 2 years to publish through a publisher
  • Author retains copyright


  • Editors and proof-readers cost money which is necessary because new eyes can identify sloppy grammar, punctuation and spelling, poorly constructed sentences and inconsistent design.
  • Understanding formatting and page layout
  • Responsibility to get the details rights
  • Publicity – is hard to achieve
  • Marketing – is even harder. Give me a book to write and I’m away – send me out to do marketing and I’m at a loss
  • Distribution – e-books, paperbacks, audio, bookstores
  • Juggling time for writing, publication, marketing and play-time
  • BIGGEST DRAWBACK – There is no access to major Canadian literary awards. They do not accept self-published books – YET.

Many publishers focus on one genre – therefore if the author writes eclectic novels it is often easier to opt for self-publishing.

Unleash the novel inside you

with compelling characters,

intricate worlds,

and fine-tuned prose.

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