Reading has been shown to help us better understand and interact with other people. It keeps our brains sharp, expands our world views and grows us as individuals. Getting lost in a book is like being transported to another world. Reading makes us think and feel in new and different ways.

Delving into a good book is a great way to escape temporary stressors or the worries of everyday life. When you are absorbed in a story world you aren’t ruminating on your own personal concerns.

Quote by George R.R. Martin: “I have lived a thousand lives and I’ve loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time. Because I read.”

We don’t just disappear when we escape into a book; we build upon our own lives by what we learn from those other realities. By reading, you live someone else’s story. It helps the reader reflect and gain new insights.

Research shows:

people who reported reading the most fiction scored higher on both empathy tests and social ability tests. 

It’s been proven that reading relaxes our brains in a pleasurable way, similarly to meditation. Being attentive in the reading experience helps us to overcome stress and it lowers our blood pressure and heart rate. It also develops our empathy skills. Instead of ruminating over our troubles, we can be temporarily transported to an imaginary world. It’s a therapeutic form of escapism that helps the reader to disengage with the responsibilities of life for a while.

Though it might seem like you’re not being productive when immersed in a good fiction, be it by film, music, games or books, remember that fiction is and has always been very important to us. So important, it sometimes becomes our reality.

As an author, when I start the writing process, the story and characters hold me hostage. It is a delicious thing to write, to no longer be yourself, to move in an entire universe of your own creating.


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