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Writing can be a difficult career. Writers can be lonely, plagued by self-doubt, faced with rejections that feel personal and judgmental, and expected to be good at everything (including being creative and a sales/marketing person). Not to mention that we also struggle with balancing procrastination and never taking a day off.

Motivation to write is often tricky to maintain, even though we are passionate about telling stories. Building a motivating writing process will help you reach your writing goals. Write because you want to write – it is your own self that is imposing you to write. You are driven with the need to express yourself.

Writing motivation or the force behind the production of text, is a complex issue. And, contrary to popular belief, it’s not money, but there are other motivating factors that cause you to stay with a profession even without huge monetary incentive.

4 Key Motivators: 

1. Seeing tangible results in your work.
Holding a published book in your hand with your name on it is as satisfying as a triple chocolate brownie fresh out of the oven with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce. Yep. It’s that good. When you’ve worked hard at a project, the finished result is intensely motivating to make you want to do it again.

2. The pride you’ll feel when it’s finished.
Pride is like chocolate. It’s super addicting when all those endorphins and whatnot float through your bloodstream. And there’s no better way to pump up your ego than to finish a super challenging task.

3. Inspiration in someone’s life.
When your work betters someone else’s life, in some way, you’re going to want to continue doing that same thing so that you can affect someone else’s life as well.

4. Positive reinforcement.
It’s the small bits of praise that put wind in our sails. E-mails from readers. Glowing reviews. Appreciation is a huge motivator.


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