If you ever hope to be a prolific writer, you’ll need to find time in your day when there is no time. Become a productive writer.

Writing isn’t always easy. Whether you’re writing a novel, maintaining a blog, or keeping a journal, the answers to these problems are mostly the same.

It is commonly thought that successful writers were lucky, that being successful as an author wasn’t something they could do.

Productive writing is like exercise: adopt a sensible training regimen, apply it consistently, and you’ll grow stronger. But it’s also like meditation: open your inner doors, let go of distractions, and you’ll become more centered. In both cases, the keys are discipline and focus.

Every writer has their own method to the madness. Some writers collect every idea, others set aside blocks of time to write daily, and others need to set a very specific environment for a productive writing session. Whatever your writing style may be, there is always room for improvement.

Feeling stressed, tired, fatigued, rushed, drained and zapped? If so your output is likely at zero.  Whatever your input directly affects your output. High productivity requires good health, disciple, determination, focus, deadlines and commitment.

Productive writing takes stamina and determination – the end result is being prolific.

If you do not really care if you climb that mountain you will never see the world from the top and if you convince yourself that you will never finish writing your book then you likely never will see it in print.

If you are determined to succeed then you will and if you really want to write that book you will find the time.