Writing a book is the dream of many. But romantic as it sounds, the process is not. The first of many steps is writing the book and having it ready to publish. Then the hard work begins.

With technology moving faster than we can keep pace, a growing number of authors are turning out manuscripts.  Self publishing allows authors to get their books published without employing a publishing company.

The biggest differences between self-publishing vs traditional publishing are:

  1. the time it takes to publish, creative control
  2. the royalty rate paid per book

There are roughly two ways to get a book out there:

  • Traditional publishing: A publishing company helps with editing, design, printing, marketing and distribution. Upside? “All” you have to do is write (in theory), and there’s a bigger chance of ending up in brick-and-mortar book shops. Downside? You get a small piece of the financial action. (Most authors get 8-15% of revenues…about €1 or €2 per book).
  • Self-publishing: The author manages the entire process: writing, editing, designing, printing, marketing and distribution. Of course, he/she can outsource some of these activities. Upside? More freedom and money. Downside? You need to figure out and manage everything yourself.


  • Freedom: To customize the book and give books to clients and friends.
  • World domination: widespread distribution was important. .
  • Experience. Learn about self-publishing and how it works.

Amazon Publishing has created the perfect system where the author has full control and books are printed on demand.  With the growing competition it is harder and harder to find a publishing agent or a publishing company that is taking submissions.

Self-publishing is easy, quick, inexpensive and the author will never receive a rejection letter.

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