has been a problem that began long before hobos began hopping the rails. In those days they moved from town to town, hoping for better opportunities that might lay over the horizon. For some it became a lifestyle. Homelessness has grown from poverty, sickness, addictions and countless other concerns. In the modern world those people live on the streets, shaking a tin can, hoping for a show of kindness. At night they find a dark corner in which to curl up and long before dawn breaks the sky they are on their feet, dragging along with them their entire possessions. Very few are there by choice, living a life of misery: cold, wet and hungry.

This social problem inspired me to write a story: StellaWho?.

 #StellaWho? by #LMWasylciw is about Stella,

a homeless woman living on the streets of Victoria.

Stella Who? Quote from novel
Stella Who? Quote from novel