Wyntersea at anchorWhen mankind first began to travel it was done on foot and out of need for survival. Now, most of today’s travel is done for pleasure. One can travel by air, train, vehicles and boats. Very soon space travel will be added to holiday planners.  Advanced technology has provided great ease in getting from one point to another and trekking is now considered a fashionable sport.  However, if one is looking for the perfect escape from it all, sailing makes the top of the list. Best of all is that it’s environmentally friendly while offering the means to get from point A to point B, simply under the power of the earth.

Imagine living aboard a sailboat, where the only sound is the lapping of the sea as it washes against the hull, the wind as it sings in the rigging, a wide open ocean as far as the eye can see and the magic of knowing that another tropical paradise is waiting, just over the horizon.

I had a dream,

then I lived it,

when I sailed from the North Pacific and across the South Pacific Ocean.

That experience changed my views on the world, and it opened my eyes to how mankind has altered our planet. Everything that we do is directly connected to the sea. Humans have been extremely unkind to the world.

I have gained a better understanding of my position within our world.

From that adventure came the story #Măjitópiă (coming soon).

Măjitópiă – #Professor Scry