Article “Author to launch new book” by Kevin Hampson

Published in #GPHeraldTribune – July 8th 2016

And without question, a book launch is a celebration! 

A book launch is one of a series of events, activities, and other efforts that are planned in the weeks or months leading up to the release of a new book. The goal of a book launch is to generate interest from an author’s target audience and boost sales.

3 Benefits of Planning a Book Launch

Planning a book launch might be labor-intensive and nerve-wracking, but your efforts can pay off with a plan. Here are three benefits to which you can look forward:

  1. 1. Opportunities to meet your readers: When you do a book launch event, you provide new readers with the opportunity to form a connection with you. This makes them more likely to recommend your writing to friends via word of mouth, form book clubs focused on your work, or leave positive book reviews online.
  2. 2. Publicity: A book launch party is an opportunity to increase publicity and point new readers to other promotional pathways. As you do your reading, mention your author website, encourage attendees to sign up to your email list, or point them to your social media profiles. Even though you might be starting small, remember this sort of marketing is what helps authors climb the bestseller lists.
  3. 3. Sense of completion: Once you launch your book, you can sit back and relax knowing your work is complete. Even if the launch party is just the first stop on a wider book tour, take some solace in the fact that, at least for now, you have done hard work of writing.