Everything in our world works with an ebb and flow – times of moving out and times of pulling in, just as the tides are drawn to the moon.

Like water, our happiness and challenges can ebb and flow. Some days might be glassy, clean, and calm, others are stormy, choppy and restless.

Clearly, there are times in our lives when we may be more focused on work priorities and other seasons where family and personal demands require more energy and effort. What’s less clear is our ability to recognize when we need a break. Give yourself permission to take that break.

Sometimes our life flows toward our hopes and dreams, and sometimes it ebbs away. In periods of flow, life is easy and full of meaning and movement. But when our life ebbs, we may be struggling against the current, fighting to get a grasp on what is important to us. We live in a culture that values achievement and being busy. When we feel overwhelmed, we often soldier on vs. stopping to rest and recharge.

​Ebb and flow are critical to the function of our lives and it exists in abstract areas  – moods, career, success, relationships, finances, self-esteem and self-awareness. 

Unleash the novel inside you

with compelling characters,

intricate worlds,

and fine-tuned prose.


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