Your book title may be the most challenging part of completing your book but it is the most important marketing decision you’ll make.

The title is the first thing the reader sees. A good title is not a guarantee that your book will do well. But a bad title will most certainly prevent it from doing well.

Your novel’s title is your siren call, luring readers to your story despite any obstacle in their way. Regardless of the price tag and despite the fact that you’re an unknown author, readers will flock to your book because you’ve taken the time to craft the perfect title.

Most readers decide whether or not to pick up a book by title alone.

Begin with the essence of your book, add a twist and that equals your title. It simply takes a bit of creativity.

5 attributes of a good book title:

  1. Make it intriguing
  2. Memorable
  3. Informative – hints about what the books is about
  4. Easy to say
  5. Use emotional trigger words

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