Use speaking opportunities to build your brand. Public speaking demonstrates expertise, gains credibility and engages your audience. This provides you with the opportunity to develop and nurture relationships in a neutral environment. In addition to building awareness, you are developing a level of trust that can drive valuable business opportunities.

Marketing through public speaking is effective and inexpensive. It’s a great way to engage, educate and inspire others by gaining visibility, building credibility and attracting new clients. Apply humor and let your passion shine through! Even when you’re not talking about yourself, your audience will learn about you and get a feel for your personality, style, and expertise.

Focus on the Right Message

Include these key components:

  • Craft an engaging title: Make it short, catchy and interesting. Give the audience a hint at what they will learn or how they will benefit from the presentation.
  • Write a presentation overview: Develop a one-paragraph summary, including a bulleted list of the key points you will cover in your speech.
  • Identify the benefits: Every presentation needs to give participants a reason to listen or attend.
  • Create a five-star presentation: Create content that has a beginning, middle and end. This creates visual images, connections, and inspire audiences in ways that straight text does not.

Developing your public speaking skills will help your marketing efforts tremendously. There are many different ways to pursue your public speaking opportunities, which you can then tie into your marketing efforts. Think of public speaking as a form of marketing that works in tandem with the more traditional forms that you are already using.

When you book your gig, be creative, entertaining and informative.

Let your experience shine through.

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