It’s a truism that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Yet in today’s world of e-books and apps, the very concept of a book is changing rapidly.

Technology has revolutionized the way in which people read today. Fewer paperbacks are sold and anyone who owns a smart phone can pocket an audio book, making listening to a book much easier. Even better is the convenience of e-readers, for they easily fit into a small bag storing hundreds of books. The very creation of digital books has developed into a billion-dollar industry broadening the way in which the world reads and authors publish.

Despite the embrace of e-books in certain contexts, they remain controversial. Many people just don’t like them: They run out of battery, they hurt your eyes, they don’t work in the bath. After years of growth, sales are stagnating. The digital environment has changed the structures of human knowledge. It’s also changing the structures of the academy.

People love the smell of books. There really is a physical, tactile, kinesthetic component to holding a book in your hands.


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