“And if they are, does it occur after publishing 5 books, 10, or 20 – or is it ever?” Every self-published author has asked themselves these questions. Many authors, and not just self-published authors, wonder, barring a miracle, if they will spend the last of their days sitting amid their fictional characters and staring at their meager collection of books – an audience of one. If so, at least they will be in good company 🙂.

As a elf-published Canadian author, I chose that route because I wanted to write, not to waste years away by submitting manuscript after manuscript only to have them rejected. I  like to step out on the limb, to express myself with diversity while also addressing social issues that often go ignored. I also like being my own boss.


There is one major draw-back with self publishing – for now – self-published authors have no position within the literary world, excused from recognition and awards, with their books shelved for a private reading audience that they alone have created. That will soon change with the growing number of authors who have chosen this avenue.

I have self-published an eclectic collection: 8 adult novels, 4 non-fiction and 2 middle grade novels. In production are 6 novels in various stages of editing. I value every minute of life and utilize it to the best of my ability. I believe that productivity keeps the momentum. But it doesn’t end there for I have 3 other books in the planning stages and I will never stop writing unless my eyesight fails AND I lose both arms. Therefore I happily plod on, as a self-published author and turn out books without the marketing power that traditional publishers offer.

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