We have all asked ourselves if classics like The Lord of the Flies, Emma, or Animal Farm, Pride and Prejudice. are truly important for modern readers.

The answer is a reluctant yes.

Literature is primarily written for our enjoyment. It also broadens our horizons. Reading books that only fall within one’s comfort zone leads to intellectual stagnation. A constant flow of ideas allows us to form our own unique view of the world, and then continue to question it.

Classics have shaped ideas throughout history. Literature has the power to sway public opinion, and change individual minds. Classics capture a certain time period, allowing modern readers to better comprehend the past. Instead of just knowing the facts of history, we can then understand it.

Classics are evergreen, for although they were written centuries ago, their contexts and subjects are relevant in the 21st century. Their writing continues to inspire readers and writers worldwide.

Tradition has held that classics are works of a very high order that touch on matters of immense importance. Classic books are not mere skilled works of literature; they establish a category of their own.

Classic Literature is often left to gather dust because it requires more thought, concentration and ultimately more appreciation to wholeheartedly enjoy the novel. This, however, should be all the more reason to read a classic novel.

Unleash the novel inside you

with compelling characters,

intricate worlds,

and fine-tuned prose.

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