As writers, we should not be afraid of tackling the more unpleasant issues, whether it’s about violent sex, patricide, necrophilia, suicide, intermarriage, bestiality, abortion, infanticide, death, torture, incest, terrorism, etc. Such stories should be written with great respect and care and not written for gratification, titillation or cheap insults, particularly to those have been victims of such. Authors need to talk about what the general population ignores.
Writers have a moral responsibility to show the impact and emotion and reality of the issue without mocking the subject. Consider your theme carefully and ask yourself how important it is to your story: the reason behind it and the impact it has on the characters, and, ultimately, how the main character reaches his or her goal by the end of the story. Lastly, the story must end in a satisfactory, responsible and truthful manner.
What was once considered pornographic, illegal or immoral is often not as shocking today. Taboo items can be dark, depressing, and upsetting. These disturbing subjects must be written with care, applying justice and resolution.  Use insight, epiphany, change, or remorse and make sure you take responsibility for what you’ve written. Leave your audience feeling vindicated.
Fiction can help others that may have been through similar ordeals showing that we should not hide away from such issues, but rather confront them. Fiction enables the author to highlight the topics in a way that non-fiction cannot. For far too long taboo subjects were hidden away from society. Sometimes ignorance means we don’t have to confront the terrible things that are taking place in the world. If we don’t know about it, we don’t have to care.


  • More traffic: Openly talking about taboos can bring tons of traffic to your website. People might agree with your perceptions. Others might oppose your views. But in most cases, people will read what you’ve written.
  • Chances that people will like your opinion: If your readers relate with your content, then it is your chance. You can easily pick up this opportunity and create a bond with the people who are on the same side as you. You will attract more and more people who have a perception like you. This will increase your blog family.
  • Publicity: People may publicly oppose you. But even their opposition can make you and your blog more popular than ever. This publicity will attract people towards you.
  • More respect in the society: “Every coin is double faced”. Writing controversial and taboo content can reflect your personality as fierce. A lot of people will certainly like your fearless attitude. You will be writing about something which others are afraid to. Use this as an opportunity to increase traffic with controversial topics.
  • Create awareness: Many people are not aware of the various taboos of our society. This is because nobody wants to write about such topics. But writing about taboos can create awareness among people. This would help in eradication of meaningless taboos which are only a burden on the society. This is one of the best things that a writer can do with his powers of persuasion.
Push the boundary and dabble in the realm of “taboo”.

Unleash the novel inside you

with compelling characters,

intricate worlds,

and fine-tuned prose.

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