Writing can be all consuming. As tomorrow turns into next week, and next week into next month, you will realize you no longer have an active social media account.

This is where a social media manager comes in handy. It’s important that followers are getting fresh content on a regular basis.

Think “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to your business. For a user to get value from following your social media- they need to be engaged in what you’re sharing. A lull in your postings no longer has traction.

A social media manager has time to ensure that posting stays on track. Not only will they stick to a posting schedule, but they will schedule posts in advance in order to eliminate the “I’m too busy to post right now” mentality. Keeping your company relevant to followers is the top priority here.

You want to stay ahead of what everyone else is doing in order to stand out, but the time it takes to do the research can add up quickly.

Remember that social media managers do not know your business as well as you do. If you are short on money to do your promotion and have the time – invest it wisely.

If you need guidance, support and advice with your book,  as a writing and publishing consultant, Linda can help you.

Have you got a manuscript that is ready to publish – or an idea for a story but don’t know where to start? Begin your publishing journey today.

In this age of technology, Amazon has opened up a whole new digital world, making it possible for writers to self-publish their books, not stand in line for years awaiting the possibility of finding a publisher.

With Self-Publishing on the rise, so easy to do and accessible, it is definitely a great option. 

Writers around the world are taking the opportunity to self- publish their memoirs, their philosophies, their stories.

Self-publishing is the new wave, and by 2020, 50% of all books are self-published.

Authors have started to wield more power, so if you’re an author dreaming of making your books available to millions of readers, you can make it happen.

Need an editor, designer  and/or publisher? Linda will evaluate your manuscript and get your book ready for publication.

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  1. Visit page: Cover design Books need a professional cover, and regardless of what you hear, people do judge books by their covers.

2. Visit page:  Blurb writing is an art, apart from writing a book. Get help in creating a powerful book description.

3. Visit page:  Editing Even the best writers need a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes to make that final edit.

4.  Visit page: Formatting This is a key step in getting your book ready to upload on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats.

5. Visit page: Mentors help you focus, while providing an objective perspective, positive guidance and encouragement.

6. Visit page: Book Titles are intended to grab the reader’s attention.

7. Visit page: Publication Services includes advice, setting up accounts with Amazon and loading book files to Amazon.


Unleash the novel inside you

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and fine-tuned prose.

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