Raising happy children is one of the main concerns of adults, and it usually begins even before they are born. Parents often hesitate about buying some toys, taking them on a trip at an early age, enrolling them in art or sports classes. There is something important that we have to always keep in mind, and it’s that sometimes we forget that children see the world in a simpler way than we do.

When it comes down to it, kids are not complicated. They don’t need or want fancy things – enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Moms put an immense amount of pressure on themselves to be perfect. that is sheer silliness. Just enjoy the children.

All kids have their own silly phrases or habits, but who can explain the random and weird stuff they ALL seem to love? I’m not talking about Elmo, Elsa, or Captain America. I’m talking about the non-toy, non-candy, untraditionally fun stuff our kids just can’t get enough of.

Kids love the strangest things:

  • going naked
  • farts
  • puddles
  • bugs
  • wrestling
  • adult shoes
  • garbage men
  • boxes

Kids are fascinated by poop and the boogers they can dig out of their noses.

Maybe it is simply child-like fascination with the human body.


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