Never believe that if you write it they will come. That only happens in movies. Being an author is equal parts marketing to equal parts writing. And never for one moment believe that any of it is easy. Most best selling authors had a marketing strategy long before the book hit the shelves.

Another misconception is that everyone will love your book. Wrong. Not everyone reads the same thing. Of course, you love your book because you wrote it. Just because you love your work doesn’t mean everyone will love it.

As authors, lovers of reading or movie fanatics, we know what’s supposed to happen and when it’s supposed to happen in a story and the same exact formula is everywhere. Putting it into your own story is sometimes not quite as easy as reading an already formulated novel.

There are two big traps:

  1. either you think everything you write is golden or
  2. you think everything you write is garbage.

Your loved ones will tend to overpraise your work because they like you but not everyone is going to love your creation – nor will everyone hate it. Everyone makes mistakes but don’t let that hold you back. And everyone should have an editor.

Overcome the traps by:

  • studying the art of writing,
  • taking classes,
  • reading books,
  • practicing writing,
  • getting a degree


  • simply start writing,
  • self publish,
  • make mistakes and
  • learn from them.

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