I’m passionate about what I write and from the moment I sit at my computer I receive a boost of energy. When I really get into my character’s real problems it leaves me exhausted. I feel their pain and welcome their joy but with each obstacle that they face I am right there with them, overcoming the hurt. I suppose, I can accept full blame for this because all to quickly my characters become real, living breathing people with devastating problems, as most of my adult novels are structured around social issues.

Writing also energizes me and enriches me with broader knowledge of the subjects, deepening my life. One quarter of my time is spend on writing and the other three-quarters is spent on research. I am always researching something – often drifting far from the subject at hand.

Balancing my writing:

More recently I have begun writing youth novels, as #ProfessorScry, and it is like a breath of fresh air. I think I have found the solution and now alternate: one adult fiction then one youth novel. It keeps the momentum and protects my sanity.

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