Writing has come a long way. Writers in this age are without a doubt a lucky lot. Technology has enabled authors, journalists and writers in general to reach millions of people in every part of the world.

Authors, novelists, bloggers, journalists and any other professional that has a strong link with the writing enterprise can attest to the existence of this massive progress.

To write a novel requires long hours of premeditation as well as a fertile imagination. It also involves a determination to create art from one’s very essence. Most authors find it hard to put into words how or even why they write, but they know that each new experiment requires complete immersion.

Good writing contains three critical ingredients: content, organization, and style. Good writing can be a challenge, beginning with research, writing, and editing, followed by tedious hours of rewriting. It begins with the sentence, civilization’s greatest single invention – whereby a series of words are strung together.

A catchy scenario

Although an interesting scenario is needed in all books, in short stories it’s even more important due to the shorter length. Whereas novels allow you to write in greater detail and with a more developed plot line, short stories need to grab interest right from the start.

Short stories need a plot that grabs the reader’s attention almost in the first sentence, and that will then run throughout the story. It can also be a completely off-the-wall take on an everyday event.

Simply let your passion flow. Write for the love of writing and be open to criticism, it too has value. Make writing the most important thing you do…daily, or at least weekly. Be it a new book, an article, or jotting something down in your journal. But most certainly, you must write! The more you write the better you get.

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