Mind reading is an impossible feat of fantasy even with your mind-reading genie boots on.

The very idea of mind-reading is a breech of mental privacy and commonly used for nefarious purposes in works of fiction. In the real world, having a clear sense of what others are thinking and feeling would be a great benefit in helping people avoid common miscommunications—even with strangers—and strengthen personal relationships in the long run. To be clear, no one can actually read minds. This includes mentalists, psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and any other group that purports to do so. Most mentalists don’t purport to be able to read minds, but instead explain that what they do is to create the illusion of mind-reading.

Mind reading and mentalism

go hand-in-hand.  Therefore, when it comes to ‘reading someone’s mind’. It would be more accurately stated as reading their mood: body language, tone, and choice of words. Another critical element worth considering is empathy —putting oneself in someone else’s shoes can provide key insight into their perspective, and make understanding their thoughts, feelings, and actions that much easier.

Humans have a folk psychology theory of other minds isn’t surprising. By nature, we are character analysts, behavioural policemen, admirers and haters. We embrace the like-minded, and go to war against contrarians. Mind-reading is our social glue, guiding virtually all of our daily interpersonal interactions. When trying to decide whether or not a potential gun owner is prone to violence, a mental patient is suicidal, or a presidential candidate is truthful, we are at the mercy of our thoughts about others.

Reading body language and listening to nonverbal communication

A person’s thoughts become their feelings. That persons feelings form their behaviours. Those behaviours are exhibited in the form of verbal and nonverbal language – body language.

The verbal language and some of the nonverbal communication is very apparent to us all.

Planting the thought first, to know what they are thinking

The other technique or skill to use is the power of suggestion. The mentalist plants the idea in their mind, which is what they want their subject to think in the first place. Whereby the mentalist knows what the person is thinking , making it appear that the mentalist read the subjects mind.

Reading someone’s mind through their eyes

Another technique to master the art or reading minds is to read people’s eyes.

A person’s eyes can give a lot away. Where they place their eyes will indicate if they are lying or not. Yes, this is a skill, but driven by paying attention.

An amazing discovery is the mind reading machine. Which puts researchers one step closer, after scientists have discovered a way of translating people’s thoughts into words.