All marriages, even good marriages, are susceptible to disagreements and the only way to stay married is “Don’t get divorced”.

Marriage began with courtship, followed by love. Love was dangled before you, like a carrot on a stick. And very soon it was all that you could think about. My playing your cards right, that love developed into marriage.

Living happily ever-after is a myth because we are human. There will inevitably be problems and it is easy to overlook the joy when there is darkness. At that point all the couples-therapy will not save you if you are not willing to put some effort into the relationship.


takes a life long ebb and flow of giving and taking that naturally balances out the stress, responsibility and nirvana that being in love can cause. For so many married folks; children, jobs and other air sucking events come into our lives and the marriage gets set on low flame at the far back burner where it is easily forgotten.

With the world moving at such a fast pace it is odd that matrimony IS still of high interest. We live in a place where we can get our every need fulfilled with the click of a mouse. Or through some online relationship. And picking the flowers is an art of the past. I suppose this says something toward the fact that the greatest human need is love. To give it and to get it in the physical and emotional sense of the word. After all, we can’t hold hands on line.

Time has woven your love together into a mélange of stitches, hundreds of tiny threads that sewed you together through the years, creating a fabric unique to your relationship. If you want to live with one partner, under one roof, until death do you part then discover the ways to keep a woman. #TheIdiotsGuidetoKeepingaWoman

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