Stories about witches and witchcraft hold fascination between the good and evil, putting the power of female characters at the center of the story and defining the character, even when they aren’t the heroes of the story. And, everyone loves a witch hunt.

Increasingly, young girl-readers want to be the leader, to have the adventure, to do the cool stuff and reading about witches allow them to explore the power of women and how exhilarating that can be. Witches speak to something fundamental and innate in the female psyche creating an emotional connection.

Witchcraft will always be a teen craze because young girls like to do witchcraft in covens, trying their hands at sorcery; burning candles and casting spells, all within the confines of their bedrooms.

Of all the fantasy powers, witchcraft, on first impression, is the most attainable. You don’t need to be born a witch. All you need is the right spells, the right words, the right tools and the right knowledge, because knowledge is power. So, the power lies with you.

But beware – dear witch – witch-hunters believe that the Devil is in you and it can only be killed with fire.


Chapter 1

IT WAS DARK. Many hours had passed since the sky had made its transformation from being salmon pink to a dome of jet black. Ribbons of clouds whipped across the gibbous moon, dancing like wispy curls of hair. Night time came early on this easterly side of the Rockies and obscurity offered the perfect conditions in which to reach beyond the world of the living. Darkness was exactly what Sophie, Julie and Amy needed to explore places where they had never before ventured – a world of potions, magic and witchcraft.

A solitary candle flickered weakly, lighting only the area in which the girls sat, cross-legged. Knees touched knees. Hands held hands. Their eyes were closed. Trance-like they whispered the mantra, “I am one with the universe, I am nothing, I am everything, I am the stars, I am the moon, the seas, the breath of life, the living and the dead. I am what I am.”

“I think we should find out if Margie really does that witchery stuff. We should follow her and find out what she does there”, Julie said,

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“Good idea, just so long as we stay together, you know, strength in numbers,” Amy said. “Would we need to bring anything, I mean, just in case the crazy lady sees us?”

Sophie rolled her eyes and said, “We’re only going to see what she does, not get close enough to take pictures.”

“I think we should put garlic on our clothes, you know to protect us,” Julie suggested. “Mom always uses garlic after Margie leaves our house.”

“You can’t be serious. I don’t want to smell like a garlic clove. Besides we won’t get that close, we’re just going to watch her, we’ll be okay,” Sophie said.

Amy was nervous about the whole thing and asked, “Do we need to wear a cross or something, so that we’re not turned to stone or anything? I can steal Grandma’s cross. She keeps it by her bible.”

“Don’t be silly. Margie can’t do that. Only a man-witch, a warlock, has those powers,” Sophie said, as if she knew it all.