Share your voice. It’s never too late to start writing. Interestingly, most of us do not realize that we have been blessed with the skill of writing until late in life.

And never think that there are already too many books – that it has all been said. The book shelves may appear full but there will always be an inspirational shortage of books in this world.

People will always need to hear and read inspiring words. There will always be someone who needs to be reminded that they are not alone in this world and need someone to remind them that they are not the only one facing a certain problem, living with an illness, or struggling with other issues.

Now is the Time to Start Writing! 

Some women are badgered mercilessly by biological clocks that tick louder and louder as infertility approaches. For writers, in its place is the literary clock, every bit as annoying in its insistence and reminder. “Write your book,” it says. “Now is the time to start writing.” “Hurry new, time is ticking.”

When that literary clock begins ticking very loudly it is just a reminder that time is passing and you need to write. Remember: We are writers, not Olympic gymnasts, or runway models, and do not have a best before date. As long as you are moving your fingers on the keys, you stand a chance at making your authorial dreams come true – one chapter at a time.

If you are determined to write, make it a practice of writing something new —even if just one new word, on matchbooks, bar napkins, or index cards – scrupulously dated and filed away.  At least you will be writing something. And that something will turn into a book

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History has it that some famous writers waited until age 40 before starting writing. Never should you think that it is too late for you to leave your mark on the world of literature.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, while in her mid-40s, became a legendary writer for writing compelling stories. 20 years later Laura had her first book published. The popular ‘Little House’ series, published when Laura was in her mid-60s. Her most famous book, “Little House on the Prairie,” was published when she was 68 years old. Then when she was 76 her last book of the 8-book Little House series was published. Ms Wilder is one of many who are proof that there is no age limit on writing.

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