Before becoming an author, I have been from hither to thither.

My childhood was spent on a farm. As an adult and mother, I was immersed in the economic shifts of Alberta’s oil industry. I saw the booms and busts, while working in the financial industry. Much later, I lived on a sailboat, on Canada’s west coast, before setting sail to Alaska, Mexico and the South Pacific. I videotaped that amazing journey and made the recordings into travel, educational and historical documentaries. After my great sailing adventure, I took on the challenge of renovating an 1855 Georgian-Colonial home. Years alter, I trekked across the north of England, Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk. Check out Wyntersea Productions for the documentaries: Wyntersea Productions

At the time it seemed that life had gotten in my way – preventing me from fulfilling my life-long desire, writing. But I now realize that everything happens for a reason. For decades I had been filling my journals with life’s experiences, while developing a mature view on the world. I became very familiar with social issues that were new to me. My eyes had been opened to problems that people face ever day, leading me down a pathway to writing eclectic novels. After a lifetime of experiences, I am well on my way to writing memorable and affecting novels that I hope will resonate long after reading.

Most recently I have added another avenue to my writing as an author for younger readers, under the name Professor Scry.