Forest bathing, or micro-dosing on nature, is all about immersing one’s self in the healing properties of trees and plants. Enter a forest, walk slowly or sit, open all your senses, meditate, don’t apply effort, just breathe. The concept behind this Japanese tradition – ‘shinrin-yuko’ – is to take in the forest atmosphere. Timeless wisdom never goes out of style and this practice has proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of well-being.

Forest bathing is basically being in the presence of trees, another reason to preserve what is left of our ancient forests and the mental aspects stand tall. Microdosing on nature is a way to blend nature with mindfulness. Forest bathing is not a sweaty hike in the woods. Tune in to the smells, textures, tastes and sights of the forest. Walk slowly, notice the shades of green, the towering canopy, the blueness of the sky, the sound of a twig snapping and the sudden flapping of winged life. Breathe in slowly, exhale. Breathe in slowly then exhale.


  • WHO benefits: everyone – every person on this planet
  • WHAT it is: Essentially, forest bathing is a slow walk in the woods – with emphasis on slow
  • HOW it is done: Take your time, relax, notice the sights, sounds, smells and forms around you.
  • WHEN: As often as possible
  • WHERE: In any wooded area

And don’t forget to leave your cell phone at home!

Forest Bathing 101

You didn’t come into this world.
You came from it, like a leaf falling from a tree.
You are no stranger to the forest, absorb it.

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