The saddest part is that she needed to die. Authors often kill their characters.! Some readers were shocked and wondered why I would do such a thing – when they really liked the woman. When a character is shot, stabbed or blown up and whisked to hospital it creates tension. When there is a death emotions are even more affected. In almost all fiction novels someone must die. Undoubtedly, it is easier to deal with emotionally if it’s the angry-looking dude who twirls his mustache, or the chubby bald guy who was planning world destruction. Sometimes a character that we like, or love, has to die to make the plot work. It also shows the reader something more about the other characters – even the one that you would have preferred to die.

Author’s are meanies – and do as they please.

The murder has to be done for the right reason:

  • Killing of a character has to have purpose
  • Killing off a character must propel the plot or effect another character. 
  • There must be an aftermath.
  • The point of the story is to get the reader to like/hate the characters, so the death has impact. 
  • The reader will be heartbroken if the favorite character is killed but, with purpose and a valid reason, most will understand.

But be warned: Too many deaths leaves the reader refusing to bond with the characters for fear of them dying.

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