It’s one thing to write about a fictional world or a certain topic, but it’s another thing to write about yourself. Dozens of writers excel at their craft but when it comes time to sitting down and writing about themselves they get stuck.

For those who aren’t familiar with website Medium’s stats, here’s how to interpret the numbers:

  • Views are people who opened the page
  • Reads are people who read it based on whatever algorithm the Medium uses
  • Fans are Medium users who took the time to click on the heart button to say they liked the story

When adding a page ‘About Me’ on your website, or being interviewed, be prepared with a summary about who you are. Convey the essential information about your career. Take the time, in the early stages of your career to prepare a long and short bio.

Having a well-written bio can help you stand out amongst the tons of other writers.

How to Write an About Me

Begin by pulling all of the information together. Once you have the final draft complete, tweak it for use across different platforms and purposes: LinkedIn, Twitter, or any place else you may need to describe who you are and what you do.

Ideally, you’ll write one in both first person and third person so you can use it across different platforms.

Some basics you could include in your About Me:

  • Types of writing you do
  • Your background and experience
  • Projects you are currently working on
  • Fun facts about yourself or what you are passionate about
  • Any accomplishments you have achieved
  • Links to your work

People often struggle with identifying you own experiences and accomplishments. The people around you might have a better idea of what to say.

My Book

Your bio will help sell your book. People often buy a book because of who wrote it.

For example, if you have a book on traveling, including all of the countries you’ve been to or some unique angle you’re taking with your writings.

If you have a relevant person who can give you a boost, you will want to mention them in your bio.


Similar to an author bio, reading the About Me page of a website can intrigue potential readers. Tell people why you are the person they should be reading and learning from.

Think about keywords commonly used in your industry. SEO and keywords matter when it comes to building traffic to your website. Make a list of topics that people might be researching  and think about ways to include that in your bio.

Websites often have longer About Me pages than on other social media. This is where you can put your full story with more details about your work experience and who you are as a writer.

The benefit of having a website with an About Me page is to have somewhere to send people who love your work. Readers can visit your website to get your whole story. Readers are very interested in the author’s story.


Depending on the topics you write, having a LinkedIn account may make sense. Most people on LinkedIn are looking for a job but there’s a lot to be said about using this platform purely for networking.

LinkedIn offers about 2,000 characters in your personal profile in the “about” section. That’s a few paragraphs to describe who you are and what you write.

LinkedIn bios also use keywords and SEO.

Twitter or Instagram

Twitter or Instagram have a much shorter  bio section than other social media. Crafting a good bio can help convince people to follow you and keep up with your journey as a writer. You have, at maximum, a sentence or two to describe who you are and why people should follow you.

It is not uncommon to avoid full sentences on these platforms but instead use keywords or emojis to describe your work.

That’s a Wrap

Overall, while it might be hard to write about yourself, you’ll be grateful for time well spent. Your About Me information will likely continue to grow and evolve as your career does and having one readily at hand is incredibly helpful to your career as a professional writer. Every writer, freelance writer, blogger, or author, will want to have an About Me that grabs people’s attention and opens doors of opportunity.


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