The essence of public relations is to inform and persuade the public through newspapers, magazines, television, radio and social media sites.

Writing a book takes several months and considerable dedication, then the hard work starts: planning and promotion.

Book publicity is its own animal.

Public awareness is the first step in generating sales. Hiring a good publicist ensures that your reach extends beyond niche audiences, reaching a vast market of potential purchasers.

Marketing is more than advertising, sales and promotion. It’s learning how to become known in the industry, gaining a strong client base and discovering ways to share information that reaches your target audience.

Begin by earning the respect of the media.

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Public relations are there to convince an audience to:

  • promote your idea,
  • purchase your product
  • support your position or
  • recognize your accomplishments.

A public relations specialist is an image-creator; their job is to generate positive publicity, enhancing their client’s reputation.


Produce a Book Trailer: A short video which introduces your book to your potential readers.

Book launches, speaking engagements and trade shows provide great exposure.

Knowing your audience is the single most important thing.

Powerful subtitles and clever book designs can draw attention.

Apply press release strategy. Publish and promote in order to profit.


  1. it is strongly linked to marketing, advertising, and social media.
  2. the essential component for any good brand.
  3. is all about new opportunities.
  4. Research is a must.
  5. Be on brand point.
  6. Planning is everything. Big events can take months to organize.
  7. Creative thinking is always helpful. Good PR requires creativity.
  8. Know how to write effectively, clearly, and with good grammar. Public relations involves tons and tons of drafting; think pitches, press releases, and emails to reporters.
  9. Last but not least, always ask yourself: who is your audience and what is your message?

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