Stop waiting for that lightning bolt of creativity. Start writing and a creative force will come out of nowhere to ignite you with a passion.

The point of any story is to make your audience feel something. When you are writing stories for your audience, take a moment to ask yourself: “What do I want them to feel?”

Fiction writers know how important it is to include sensory details; remember the sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

Begin where the action is; hook your reader on the first page.

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Being able to look at a story idea, a premise, or a character and scene and say,
“Yes, I have found an idea that people want to experience; an idea that will help sell the story.” 
Make creative lightning strike over and over again. It is not magic, does not come out of nowhere, is already inside of you! Turn manuscripts into stories that readers can connect with.
Become immersed in stories that sell.

Use this 6 step process that works:

  1. Know if the premise is solid before starting.
  2. Open up to new ideas and discover inspiration. Writing more pages instead of crossing out characters, re-working plots, and tearing up pages.
  3. Have confidence in your characters, their actions, and their dialogue, and understand how audiences will respond to them.
  4. Enjoy limitless creativity on demand and ignite those creative sparks that drive progress, pushing out page after page effortlessly.
  5. Develop this stream of ideas into stories other people want to experience and feel.
  6. Never, never stop writing. The more you write the better you will get.

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