Sourdough starters, dress shirts with pajama bottoms, trends come and go. But there’s one trend that looks like it’s here to stay – gardening. There are certain very stabilizing forces in gardening that can ground us when we are feeling shaky, uncertain and terrified. It’s these predictable outcomes and predictable rhythms of the garden that are very comforting.

Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, there are many health benefits — both physical and mental — that come with digging into the soil and doing some planting.

I love gardening and I suppose it’s because I was born into it. I’ve been gardening since I was knee high to a grasshopper, which makes it second nature to me and I just do it, without even thinking about it.

And when I pick a cucumber, zucchini or tomato from my garden the first thing I do is absorb it’s aroma – so fresh, rich and abundant and I smile – knowing that I’m adding my little part to the flow of the natural world.

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