Writer to Author - 10 easy stepsDo you have a story to write?

And faced with the age old problem and don’t know where to begin?

Look no further.

NEWLY PUBLISHED in time for Christmas:
Writer to Author – 10 easy steps (plus mastering marketing)

Writer to author-10-easy-steps (plus mastering marketing/


Do you have an idea for a book but don’t know where to begin? Have you always had a passion to write something? Knowing where to begin can be daunting but there is no time like the present to start. Now is the time to fulfill that life-long desire and to write that book.

This, 10 easy steps, guidebook will coach you along, advancing you from having fingers on the keyboard to developing your idea into a book.

Then, when your book is published, expand your knowledge on how to master and market your online presence.

1. Cultivate the A-Zs of writing skills,

2. Establish proper sentence structure and grammar,

3. Understand fleshing vs padding,

4. Compose well-written dialogue,

5. Craft winning titles,

6. Construct emotional bonds,

7. Build a blurb,

8. Recognize writing styles,

9. Develop editing skills,

10. Escape writer’s block,

11. Discover publishing options and

12. Expand your audience by

13. Mastering marketing skills.

“Linda has published twelve books. She blogs about the publishing world,

posts useful tips on the challenges a writer faces, including marketing and promoting your work,

how to build your online platform, how to get reviews and how to self-publish.”