Your Inner Design or decision making process is your internal compass, or intuition. Your strategy and authority work together to help you make decisions and move around in a way that’s most aligned to your energetics.

Clarity comes with time and being patient is key . You’re not meant to make big decisions in the moment—specially when you’re in a highly emotional state. Giving yourself the space to feel through the emotional wave will lead you to clarity. The old saying “sleep on it” has a lot of value. 

Humans feel emotion at all times. The emotional wave is not something you can control or influence. You don’t have to find meaning or make sense of it while you’re in the middle of your wave. Clarity is when you have moved beyond the high emotional charge.

Human inner intelligence enables us to know whether a decision is correct for us. Each of our bodies possess an inner compass or device that reveals whether something is healthy and fulfilling, or not. Our Inner Design Authority is a body-based knowing that precedes the cognition of the mind. Accessing it requires us to become more embodied and to listen better to our bodies.

The simplest way to comprehend inner intelligence is by referring to it as the law of life. The human body is intelligently organized for the greater good of thriving in a complete state of harmony. 

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